Friday, July 25, 2008

Unca Don Foundation

On Friday June 26th, one of the greatest men I have ever known passed away, Don Newman. He was survived by his wife Brenda and 15 year old son Spencer. I don't know what to say, scream, shout and cry. So I am creating a scholarship fund in his name. The scholarship fund will assist students interested in bettering the world in the study of marine biology and oceanography. It will be available for students of the Las Vegas high school he taught at and to attend University of Southern California.

My Plan
The site will be the home base for my operations. There will be a page for donations, one for a mailing list plus information on the status of the scholarship fund. Because it takes money to make money I will be taking non-tax deductible donations until I receive enough to launch the scholarship fund. The money will be used for lawyers and accountant fees and any other money donated will be used as basis in the scholarship fund. I am expecting the model of the scholarship fund to support itself by opening a bank account and using the interest generated by the principal to fund the scholarship.

Thank You
What ever you can do to help will be appreciated. You will be able to contact me through the website or by the address and phone number below. I assure you I will maintain and use donations with care and honor. This is something I feel strongly about because I want it to be a reflection of the love he gave me. I was lucky to know him. Most people never know someone as kind, gentle, funny and smart as him. I am blessed to have had so many great times with him. He was special to me and everyone around him. He was my hero, my uncle Don.

Brent Adkisson

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reason said...

I am truly sorry to hear about the passing of your friend. I hate death! I have a higher hope though But still, the passing of friends and family is just awful.